Graph and Chart Data from Your Reports


You can use your reports to generate sophisticated and informative charts.  Various types of data are often more well-suited for certain chart types, so SyncFirst includes several standard chart types.


Bar Charts


Count by FY per Region

Bar charts are perhaps the simplest and most easily interpreted type of chart.  These charts display totals for several groups of data.  This type of chart is often used to show data totaled by time period, such as a monthly sales chart.  Stacked bar charts can show several different subgroups within each group (such as sales by each department for each month).


Line Charts

AR by Due Date

Line charts show the totals for each group as points of data connected by a line.  This type of chart is often more useful in analyzing larger numbers of groups and in trend analysis.


Other Charts

Bar and Line charts are general-purpose charts that can be used in a variety of applications, but SyncFirst also supports additional chart types that are most useful in specific applications.

High-Low charts are most typically used in financial applications to show the high and low price for a given stock, but can also be used in any situation where you want to review the upper and lower values for a particular field.

High-Low-Open-Close charts and Candle charts are similar to High-Low charts but show four values that represent the high, low, opening (or beginning) and closing (or ending) values for the indicated field.

Since all charts are created from existing report data, they can quickly be generated with only a few mouse clicks.  All charts are also automatically copied to the Windows clipboard so that they can easily be used in other applications.